Spring 2024

Literacy Narratives

Cat Chavez, “A Mother’s Diligence”

Hannah Whitelaw, “A Parable through My Bookshelf”

Academic Research Articles

Maxine Adrienne De Leon,I’m not English I-spokening!” Why Do Mainland Filipinos Tend to Exaggerate English Words Out of Humor?”

Lars Lundqvist, “Precision Agriculture: The Benefits, Challenges, and Paths to Adoption”

Yiling Pan, “Exploring Linguistic Diversity: Attitudes Towards Accents at UC Davis and Their Impact
on Cross-Cultural Communication”

Passion Projects

Sydney F. Hollingsworth, “Ikebana: From Past to Present”

Bria Shalesky, “Hope on Hooves for Incarcerated Youth”

Winter 2024

Literacy Narrative

Jingzhe Yang, “A Book So Lively”

Literacy Case Study

Ahmad Ikram, “Steele the Show”

Discourse Community Projects

Ayana Call, “Home Nail Salons: The Embracement of Creativity”

Dexuan Zhu, “Go Ahead, You Belong: Pokemon GO and Belonging at UC Davis”

Academic Research Articles

Albert Chang, “RateMyProfessor Affects Course Choices”

Heather Fu, “Beyond the Bottle: Exploring Wine Ratings in the Eyes of Youth”

Zihan Geng, “Hearing from the Silenced: An Investigation on Introverts’ Anxiety”

Walter Jackson, “Exploring the Intersection of Anxiety and Office Hours”

Nikita Johnson, “How Has Representation Improved in Magic: The Gathering?”

Jaisleen Kaur, “Crucial Role of Research in Biological Writing Genres”

Derick Lapurga, “The Impact of Over-Tourism on Hawaiian Ecosystems and Everyday Life”

Yichuan Peng, “Music and the Brain: Effect of Listening to Music on UC Davis Students When Studying for Exams”

Aliya Rehman, “Parental Involvement and its Influence of Students’ Career Choices”

Spring Salazar, “Self-Discipline and Motivation at the University of California Davis’ Bayanihan Student-Run Clinic”

Saad Shaheen, “The Landscape of ChatGPT Usage”

Addison U, “An Investigation into the Mobilization of Poor Health Literacy by Dietary Supplement Branding”

Yunduo Yang, “The Rise of Korean Pop Music”

Chloe Zheng, “The Impact of Streaming Media on UC Davis Students’ Study Habits”

Fall 2023

Literacy Narrative

Yifan Cui, “Chinese Poetry and English Essays

Academic Research Articles

Salma Ammache, “Environmental Psychology: A Minimally Explored Concept in Venturi’s Critique of Modernist Architecture

CJ Christensen, “Combating Hunger Strikes in Captive Snakes

Seon Ho Lee, “Increasing the Success of Veterinarians and Clients with the Power of Communication

Jaisleen Kaur, “Crucial Role of Research in Biological Writing Genres

Mileyna Soo, “The Skeletons that Hide in the Closet of Fast Fashion

Discourse Community Projects

Daniela Garcia, “Discourse Community Project: College Track

Amna Ikram, “MSA as a Discourse Community

Composing in Multiple Genres

Emmalee Miles, “Moving Checklist, Letter, and Infographic” and “Composing Genres Reflection Letter

Melissa Moreno Garcia, “Supporting Street Vendors Letter, Instagram Posts, and Protest Signs

Jose Ortega, “Dangers of Cigarette Smoking: Informative Article, Graphic Illustration, and Social Media Post” and “Composing Genres Reflection Letter

Spring 2023

Literacy Narrative

Dana Davis, “Video Game Literacy Narrative” and “Author Reflections on Video Game Literacy Narrative”

Isabella Torres, “A Letter to Littler Isa”

Messages in Multiple Genres

Bohan Li, “Gamification of Chemical Safety” and “Reflection Letter”

Academic Research Articles

E.J. Bach, “Why So Bugged? : Effects of Childhood Influences on Insect Perception”

Joey Lieberman, “The Role of Nuclear Power in a Green Future”

Raghava Katura, “The Decisions We Can’t Control”

Riggie Lee, “Untitled”

Gianna Mitu, “Self Esteem, Instagram Addiction, and Academic Performance in UC Davis Undergraduates”

Sami Rihani, “Why Does the U.S. Not Produce Successful Soccer Athletes?”

Angelica Tang, “Positive Stress for Success”

Isabella Torres, “Comparison of Korean vs. Non-Korean K-Pop Discourse in the Hallyu Community”

Jeffrey Yeh, “Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: A Future of AI Doctors and Researchers?”


Winter 2023

Literacy Narratives

Ariane Loren V. Leodones, “An Immigrant’s Endurance”

Lorenzo Seaborn, “A Fatherly Foundation”

Megan Tutundjian, “The Rare Plum Pie”

Academic Research Articles

Anthony Jalen Belocura, “The Impact of Mindfulness Practice on Attitudes Toward Academic Writing”

Christine Chang, “Most Effective Method of Introducing Sports to Beginners: Introductions to Ultimate”

Harlow Gruendyke, “Biracial Identity and Experiences in the U.S.”

Marco Jimenez, “Language Disparities in Hispanic Patient-Doctor Interactions”

Eddie A. Protassov, “Effective Study Skills and Habits for College Students Majoring in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics”

Charles Zhang, “How Do Resources at UC Davis Prepare CS Students for Careers in CS?”

Discourse Community Project

Salma Dorantes, “Crochet Discourse Community”

Literacy Self-Studies

Cherie Sun, “Academic and Non-Academic Literacy Reflection” and “Academic and Non-Academic Literacy Journal”

Saiyudi Ma, “Academic and Non-Academic Literacy Reflection” and “Academic and Non-Academic Literacy Journal”

Susannah Olsonday, “Academic and Non-Academic Literacy Self-Study” and “Academic and Non-Academic Literacy Journal”

Advice for Multiple Audiences Project

Sally Wu, “Advice for Multiple Audiences Reflection” and “Brochure for Teenagers: The Complete Guide to a New Puppy” and “Checklist for Adults: The Complete Guide to a New Puppy”

Fall 2022

Literacy Narratives

Aaron Chang, “Personal Literacy Narrative

Jonathan Villagomez, “Literacy Narrative Video

Angeline Vo, “Letter to Ba

Discourse Community Projects

Shukai Ke, “The New Method of Proposing Anarchism: The Discourse Community of Anarchists on the Internet

Arnav Rastogi, “An Analysis of an Online Sports Fan Community

Research Articles

Ismael Ali, “Effectiveness of General Education Requirements at High Level Institutions

Lourdes Ceja, “Note to Self: You Do Belong

Flynn Garcia, “Academic Research Paper

Kayla Lunde, “Determinants of Turnout in UC Davis Student Government Elections

Thalia Miracle, “Public Knowledge of Biotechnology in Addressing Problems in the Food and Agriculture System: A UC Davis Student Body Study

Luz Morales, “Examining the Challenges that Mexican American Student Face in the U.S. University System: How Are the Nature of the Challenges Influenced by the Student’s Gender?

Rees Sitchon, “Fast Fashion on College Campuses and Students’ Reasoning for Continued Consumption

Spring 2022


Lean Alvarez, “Procrastination: Why Do We Do It and How Do We Stop It?”

Aatiya Edwards, “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Concise

Sanjana Parikh, “How to Block Writer’s Block”

Teri Beasley, “Three Things Every Media Major Needs to Know”


Brandon Ng, “Misconceptions About Peer Feedback”


Charity Dumpit, “Say it Louder! Finding your Voice in Writing and Why it’s Important”

Madison Nickels, “How Do You Write? College Edition”

Academic Research Articles

Almas Khan, “Implementation of Recorded Lectures to Increase Accessibility and Educational Retention

Mandy Lin, “The Zoom Conundrum: Student Well-Being During the Pandemic

Tate Martinelli, “Snapchat to Face to Face Chat

Andrew Mendoza, “Web 3.0 in Higher Education

Alyssa Rowe, “The Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Students in College”

Caspar Schulte, “Social Media Effects on Digital Reading Literacy

Jason Vo, “The Five Paragraph Format: Reliable or Restrictive?”

Literacy Narratives

Emily Rodriguez-Estrada, “Then Why Do You Go to School?”

Discourse Community Research Projects

Kincaid Johnson, “Discourse Community Project: Berkeley Path Wanderers Association

Ryan Lee, “Specialized Packaging in Tech: The Community of Product Engineers

Haocheng Li, “Discourse Community Project: The Pre-Pharmacy Club at UC Davis

Winter 2022

Literacy Narratives

Tyler Bathke, “The Journey of a Wordslinger

Dominic Chin, “Personal Literacy Narrative

Coby Hawkins, “Back in Time” podcast and transcript

Bianca Pahler, “The Imperfect Perfect Essay

Citlalli Reyes Montano, “Mother Tongue” graphic comic

Literacy Self-Studies

Zia Steele, “Literacy Self-Study Reflection” and “Literacy Self-Study Presentation

Kaylan Uclaray, “Multimodal Composition Reflection

Rhetorical Analyses

Emiy Avetisyan, “Rhetorical Analysis of ‘Impact of Language Preference and Health Literacy’

Emily Torres, “Rhetorical Analysis of ‘Interpreting the Images in a Picture Book’

Academic Research Articles

Dhruv Arora, “Student Behaviors and Practices to Improve UC Cybersecurity Readiness

Emily Avetisyan, “How Does Multilingualism Affect Health Literacy?

Kaixin Chu, “AVT–Modern Babble Tower: Merits and Challenges Explained

Hadil Djadri, “Name Mispronunciation in the UC Davis Community: The Experience and Its Explanations

Albena Goulisheva, “It Can Be a Woman’s World in Political Science Too

Jacob Yu, “Effects of Pandemic Technology on Undergraduate Students’ In-person Social Interactions

Discourse Community Project

Samantha Gutierrez, “Discourse Community Project

Tanveer Mahal, “The Pantry as a Discourse Community

Message in Multiple Genres Project

Rohan Karmarker, “Composing a Message in Multiple Genres

Sarah Kim, “Composing a Message in Multiple Genres

Spring 2021

Academic Research Articles

Emma So, “Read, Understand, Have Fun”

Kory Chan, “How to Be a More Concise Writer”

Subin Choi, “A Guide to Writing the Dental School Personal Statement

Kelly Wang, “Veterinary School Personal Statements: The Heart of Your Application”

Thu Pham, “How to Write a Successful National Institutes of Health Grant Proposal”

Discourse Community Research Projects

Ashlynn Jones, “Analyzing Effective Learning through a Chemistry Discourse”

Brandon Gee, “Evolution of the Music Industry through Online Discourse”

Alexa Hellman, “Communication through Art and Inspiration”

Fall 2020

Literacy Narratives

Siddhant Iyer, A Reconnection

Haishan Huang, Silenced Tongue

Esteban Cuarenta Ponce, Ten Years Old

Discourse Community Projects

Gabriella Barcinas, Computer Science as a Discourse Community

Riley Siegel, 2020 Harvest Interns at Small Vines Wines as a Discourse Community

Amitahi Castro Jimenez, Nursing Discourse Community Project 

Ziqi Wang, Different Communication in Basketball Discourse Community

Annie Jiang, Doctor Office as a Discourse Community

Anna Irwin, To Be an Educator

Annie Tran, The Discourse Community of Biological Sciences

Marguerite Schlutius, Wildlife Centers as a Discourse Community

Academic Research Articles

Naina Narain, Communication Over Social Media: The Unlikely Platform for Healing from Social Anxiety

Petra Engstrom, Environmental Activism: Using Art as a Means of Action

Henry Yu, Mobilization Strategy Analysis of Party for Socialism and Liberation in Prison Abolition Movement

Shuyi Bian, Online Psychological Counseling: Is It Really Effective?

Suchita Anigol, Telemedicine: The Effect on Patient-Physician Communication 

Semra Khan, The United States’ Prison System

Spring 2020

Literacy Narratives

Jessica Gerson, “Finding My Fit”

Austin Nguyen, “The Importance of Cultural Literacy”

Academic Research Articles

Jessica Bueno, “From a Student to an Animal Scientist: Effective Tools for Reading and Writing”

Dalia Cadena, “Who Are You?”

Brittaney Chan, “Navigating the Nuances of ‘Good Writing’ at the College Level”

Jessica Gerson, “Veterinary Medicine as a Discourse Community”

Navleen Kaur, “Individual Writing Versus Group Writing”

Noah Rose Ledesma, “Lies and Language: Understanding how context can improve the automated early detection of fake news”

Alexander Luu, “Shifting Our Style of Writing Under Different Circumstances: Having Experience and Overcoming Obstacles Can Stimulate Academic Growth”

Danielle G. Yee Litt, “An Investigation of Writing in Biology”

Winter 2020

Literacy Narratives

Cesar Vargas Aparicio, “Literacy Narrative

Laurenne Sanchez, “And All of a Sudden I’m Back in 2010”

Alice Matthew, “To Be a Real Malayee American”

Literacy Research Projects

Roland Del Mundo, “LGBTQIA+ Sex Education and Queer Pedagogy”

Lolita Ghadimian, “English as a Second Language:The Struggles and How it Has an Impact on Multilingual Students”

Eriberto Salgado, “Student Journaling: Its Potential in Achieving Academic Success”

Robert Vergara, “Slacktivism”

Kaitlin Koslowski, “Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a Scientific Literacy”

Sascha Recht, “Hebrew and the Unification of the Jewish People”

Jackson Schnelle, “Different Medical Writing Styles and the Ongoing Problem of Effective Communication within Various Audiences in the Field of Medicine”

Discourse Community Research Projects

Hannah Geudeker, “Citizen Science and Environmental Education”

Kristie Tjen, “Managerial Economics as a Discourse Community”

Sophia Pelletier, “Global Climate Change in Zine Culture”

Spring 2019

Academic Research Projects

Isaias Ceballos, “Cars, Car Clubs, and Community” and “Machine’s Meaning

Mogan Teng, “Textism: The Product of Technology and Language Evolution

Harita Bhatt, “Multicultural Music Education: The Pathway to a More Tolerant Society

Multimodal Compositions

Jiahui Lu, “What Can Families Do at the Zoo?

Selina Tung, “Mount Wanda

Mariana Torres, “Living Picture Narrative

Winter 2019

Literacy Narratives

Natasha Pawar, “the big red train”

Jacqueline Rajerison, “Creative Outlet”

Eugene Toh, “A Tale of Two Plays”

Academic Research Projects

Shayan Alavynejad, “Bilingual Speakers and Language: A Viable Marketing Strategy for Advertisers Worldwide”

Alison Newens, “The Importance of Hawaiian Creole English”

Cassandra Ramirez, “The Importance of Nurturing Bilingualism in Mexican Migrant Children”

Raza Sharif, “Desire and Obligation: An in-depth view of musical literacy between musicians of passion Versus musicians of expectation”

Valerie Tu, “Hard Summer Music Festival (2018): Wiki Article”

Multimodal Compositions

Callyn Kallermeier, “Next in Line for Donuts!”

Adam Shishani, “An Old Sacramento Podcast Project”

Wendy Zheng, “My Adventure in Baking”

Fall 2018

Literacy Narratives

Alexandria Andrews, “Literacy Narrative”

Michelle Calzada, “What Does the Equal Sign Mean?”

Citlaly Hernandez Duran, “Speaking Spanglish

Robert De Dios, “My Journey into Drumming Literacy”

Sydney Harris, “Thank You, Mom and Brontë

Amber Lee, “The Smoke Signal

Karina Masalkova, “Literacy Narrative

Chiara Miranda, “Living Picture Narrative”

Isis Vasquez, “Thank You, Mr. Hosseini

Academic Research Projects

Kate Everhardt, “Manetti Shrem Museum Student Coalition

Estefania Maravillas, “Self-Assessment by the Putah Creek Nestbox Highway Project through Use of Data

Sarah Moore, “The Effects of Incorporating Animals into Occupational Therapy for Children with Autism

Robb Ridgley, “Arguing Without an End: The History Discourse Community”

Sydney Schurer, Equestrianism in the United States

Multimodal Compositions

Ritchelle Andal, “Podcast: Whole Earth Festival”

Caroline Mullins, “Wikipedia Entry: Poolesville Day”

Cathy Nguyen, “Wikipedia Entry: Colourpop Cosmetics”

Spring 2018

Literacy Narratives

Shuojia Fu, “The Old Man and Me

Clifton Sorrell III, “To Wield a Double Consciousness

Hannah Robinson, “Learning the Language of the Future

Renata Zacarias, “Letter to Renata Zacarias

Academic Research Articles

Meyhaa Buvanesh, “Addressing Health Communication in Nutrition

Rantapala Gamage, “Different Cultural Writing Styles of Organization vs. The American Style of Organization How Culture Affects the ESL Student in America

Emily Holt, “A Brief Guide to Writing in Engineering

Jane Jeong, “Social Media: Is it Good or Bad?

Valentina Traversa, “Comminicating in the Veterinary Profession


Maria Zumkeller, “The Crocker Art Museum

Winter 2018

Literacy Narratives and Literacy Histories

Jennifer Li, “Literacy History Project”

Mario Mayo, “Mario’s Draw My Life”

Blanca Peto, “Living Narrative: a Change in Perspective”

Chelsea Lee, “Living Picture Narrative: Journal Journey”

Literacy Resource Projects

Discourse Communities Projects

Sarah Weber, “How Participation in Music Translates Into Academic Success

Savanah Nelson, “Discourse… Making Life at the Shelter Less Ruff”

Aleasha Jhanjar, “Research on Punjabi American Students Discourse Community”

Patricia Duarte Perez, “Personal narratives as a form of communication in Chicano/a Studies”

Natalie Soto,  “Identity, Communication, and Values of the Native American Discourse Community”

Kareli Mendez, “Social Dancing: Social Interactions Within the Dancing Community”

Lorena Mendoza, “Runner’s Discourse”


Wikipedia Articles and Podcasts

Yao Fang, “A Chinese Karst Cave: Zhijindong Cave”

Laura Gomez, “Wikipedia Article : The Rives Mansion”

Sharani Ramesh, “A Trip Down Capitol Corridor”

Fall 2017 Table of Contents

Literacy Narratives

Matthew Hvasta, The Language of Anatomy

Bing Lee, Dad and His Persistence

Jennifer Lee, Literacy History (visual)

Xiaowei Min, Power of Words

Andrea Sett, It Was Just a Game

Ruicong Zhang, Language and Literature Can Be Interesting

Literacy Inventories

Natalie Soto, Literacy Inventory

Literacy Advice

Kimmiko James, The Bare Necessities for College Success

Anthony Rahawi, How to Science: Teaching the Scientific Research Article

Discourse Communities

Addison Cheng, The Significance of Empirical Reports in the Field of Animal Science

Wai Nam Chan Coco, Secret Code of the Aggie Band Family

Haley Fang, A Universal Language

Amanda Gordon, Harry Potter Discourse Community

Matt Grabert, The Ultimate Frisbee Community and Discourse

Aline Ingelson-Filpula, How Integration Into the Scientific Research Discourse Community Affects Perception Of The Field As A Whole

Annabelle Louderback, Going Gorillas for Conservation

Tanjeet Nijjar, Makeup as a Discourse Community

Other Genres

Sara Besson, Gals Being Pals

Sarah Kim, Forward Head Posture

Spring 2016 Table of Contents

Literacy Narratives

Suppression of Expression, by Kayla Dillard

Living Picture Narrative, by David Wei


Discourse Communities


The Literacy Resource Project

Writers’ Proscrastination by Minh-Tam Bui

Reading in a Second Language, by Mengzhen Ke

Coping with a New Environment and New Educational System, by Delia Sandoval and Carlos Gomez


Multimedia Projects

Indian Chai, by Kiran Gill

Podcast Project, by Xiang Rong Yeo

Winter 2017 Table of Contents

Literacy Narratives

Marcos Alcantar “My Piano Journey”

Nguyen Le “Yolo Decision”

Peter Lee “Fog, Sunlight, and Owls”

Hsin Ni Sydney Ho “Odd One Out”

Kooper Richardson “Rough Drafts: Myth or Reality”


Advice Articles

Kelly Facto “How To Do Well With Half The Effort: College Edition”

Natasha Ann Mariano “Advice to Multiple Audiences: Bunnies”

Mirna Reyna “How To Be Successful In College Writing Courses”

Veronica Scott “A Sloth’s Guide to College Writing”


Discourse Communities

Alexis Cristiano “A-Circuit Alexis”

Tessa Dickson “From People to Possums: The Wide Scope of the Rural Veterinary Discourse Community”

Vicki Ho “Extreme K-pop Fans”

Samantha Lyons “The Wildlife Ecology Community, How its Members Act, and What that Says About the Community”

Maggie Peña “Mexican Discourse Community”

Dillon Santoso “Determining the Success of Koinonia in Attracting University Students through the Use of Specific Genres”

Carly Smith “Wikipedia Article: Feminism in Music”

Aileen Wang “Podcast Project”





Readings about Writing is a collection of student compositions from First-Year Composition courses at UC Davis (UWP1 and UWP1Y). The First-Year Composition curriculum at UC Davis uses a “Writing about Writing” approach: UWP1 students reflect on their literacy histories and their reading and composing processes, provide advice to future college students about reading and composing, and conduct research where they investigate literacy issues or analyze discourse communities. The projects published in the third edition of Readings about Writing are from UWP1 students taking classes in Winter of 2017. All authors appearing in Readings about Writing are student works, and remain the property of their author.