Winter 2018

Literacy Narratives and Literacy Histories

Jennifer Li, “Literacy History Project”

Mario Mayo, “Mario’s Draw My Life”

Blanca Peto, “Living Narrative: a Change in Perspective”

Chelsea Lee, “Living Picture Narrative: Journal Journey”

Literacy Resource Projects

Bisman Bhatti, “How to read a court case”


Discourse Communities Projects

Savanah Nelson, “Discourse… Making Life at the Shelter Less Ruff”

Aleasha Jhanjar, “Research on Punjabi American Students Discourse Community”

Patricia Duarte Perez, “Personal narratives as a form of communication in Chicano/a Studies”

Natalie Soto,  “Identity, Communication, and Values of the Native American Discourse Community”

Kareli Mendez, “Social Dancing: Social Interactions Within the Dancing Community”

Lorena Mendoza, “Runner’s Discourse”


Wikipedia Articles and Podcasts

Yao Fang, “A Chinese Karst Cave: Zhijindong Cave”

Laura Gomez, “Wikipedia Article : The Rives Mansion”

Sharani Rameshm, “A Trip Down Capitol Corridor”

Fall 2017 Table of Contents

Literacy Narratives

Matthew Hvasta, The Language of Anatomy

Bing Lee, Dad and His Persistence

Jennifer Lee, Literacy History (visual)

Xiaowei Min, Power of Words

Andrea Sett, It Was Just a Game

Ruicong Zhang, Language and Literature Can Be Interesting

Literacy Inventories

Natalie Soto, Literacy Inventory

Literacy Advice

Kimmiko James, The Bare Necessities for College Success

Anthony Rahawi, How to Science: Teaching the Scientific Research Article

Discourse Communities

Addison Cheng, The Significance of Empirical Reports in the Field of Animal Science

Wai Nam Chan Coco, Secret Code of the Aggie Band Family

Haley Fang, A Universal Language

Amanda Gordon, Harry Potter Discourse Community

Matt Grabert, The Ultimate Frisbee Community and Discourse

Aline Ingelson-Filpula, How Integration Into the Scientific Research Discourse Community Affects Perception Of The Field As A Whole

Annabelle Louderback, Going Gorillas for Conservation

Tanjeet Nijjar, Makeup as a Discourse Community

Other Genres

Sara Besson, Gals Being Pals

Sarah Kim, Forward Head Posture

Spring 2016 Table of Contents

Literacy Narratives

Suppression of Expression, by Kayla Dillard

Living Picture Narrative, by David Wei


Discourse Communities


The Literacy Resource Project

Writers’ Proscrastination by Minh-Tam Bui

Reading in a Second Language, by Mengzhen Ke

Coping with a New Environment and New Educational System, by Delia Sandoval and Carlos Gomez


Multimedia Projects

Indian Chai, by Kiran Gill

Podcast Project, by Xiang Rong Yeo

Winter 2017 Table of Contents

Literacy Narratives

Marcos Alcantar “My Piano Journey”

Nguyen Le “Yolo Decision”

Peter Lee “Fog, Sunlight, and Owls”

Hsin Ni Sydney Ho “Odd One Out”

Kooper Richardson “Rough Drafts: Myth or Reality”


Advice Articles

Kelly Facto “How To Do Well With Half The Effort: College Edition”

Natasha Ann Mariano “Advice to Multiple Audiences: Bunnies”

Mirna Reyna “How To Be Successful In College Writing Courses”

Veronica Scott “A Sloth’s Guide to College Writing”


Discourse Communities

Alexis Cristiano “A-Circuit Alexis”

Tessa Dickson “From People to Possums: The Wide Scope of the Rural Veterinary Discourse Community”

Vicki Ho “Extreme K-pop Fans”

Samantha Lyons “The Wildlife Ecology Community, How its Members Act, and What that Says About the Community”

Maggie Peña “Mexican Discourse Community”

Dillon Santoso “Determining the Success of Koinonia in Attracting University Students through the Use of Specific Genres”

Carly Smith “Wikipedia Article: Feminism in Music”

Aileen Wang “Podcast Project”





Readings about Writing is a collection of student compositions from First-Year Composition courses at UC Davis (UWP1 and UWP1Y). The First-Year Composition curriculum at UC Davis uses a “Writing about Writing” approach: UWP1 students reflect on their literacy histories and their reading and composing processes, provide advice to future college students about reading and composing, and conduct research where they investigate literacy issues or analyze discourse communities. The projects published in the third edition of Readings about Writing are from UWP1 students taking classes in Winter of 2017. All authors appearing in Readings about Writing are student works, and remain the property of their author.