Fall 2018

Literacy Narratives

Alexandria Andrews, “Literacy Narrative”

Michelle Calzada, “What Does the Equal Sign Mean?”

Citlaly Hernandez Duran, “Speaking Spanglish

Robert De Dios, “My Journey into Drumming Literacy”

Sydney Harris, “Thank You, Mom and Brontèˆ

Amber Lee, “The Smoke Signal

Karina Masalkova, “Literacy Narrative

Chiara Miranda, “Living Picture Narrative”

Isis Vasquez, “Thank You, Mr. Hosseini

Academic Research Projects

Kate Everhardt, “Manetti Shrem Museum Student Coalition

Estefania Maravillas, “Self-Assessment by the Putah Creek Nestbox Highway Project through Use of Data

Sarah Moore, “The Effects of Incorporating Animals into Occupational Therapy for Children with Autism

Robb Ridgley, “Arguing Without an End: The History Discourse Community”

Sydney Schurer, Equestrianism in the United States

Multimodal Compositions

Ritchelle Andal, “Podcast: Whole Earth Festival”

Caroline Mullins, “Wikipedia Entry: Poolesville Day”

Cathy Nguyen, “Wikipedia Entry: Colourpop Cosmetics”