Spring 2024

Literacy Narratives

Cat Chavez, “A Mother’s Diligence”

Hannah Whitelaw, “A Parable through My Bookshelf”

Academic Research Articles

Maxine Adrienne De Leon,I’m not English I-spokening!” Why Do Mainland Filipinos Tend to Exaggerate English Words Out of Humor?”

Lars Lundqvist, “Precision Agriculture: The Benefits, Challenges, and Paths to Adoption”

Yiling Pan, “Exploring Linguistic Diversity: Attitudes Towards Accents at UC Davis and Their Impact
on Cross-Cultural Communication”

Passion Projects

Sydney F. Hollingsworth, “Ikebana: From Past to Present”

Bria Shalesky, “Hope on Hooves for Incarcerated Youth”

Winter 2024

Literacy Narrative

Jingzhe Yang, “A Book So Lively”

Literacy Case Study

Ahmad Ikram, “Steele the Show”

Discourse Community Projects

Ayana Call, “Home Nail Salons: The Embracement of Creativity”

Dexuan Zhu, “Go Ahead, You Belong: Pokemon GO and Belonging at UC Davis”

Academic Research Articles

Albert Chang, “RateMyProfessor Affects Course Choices”

Heather Fu, “Beyond the Bottle: Exploring Wine Ratings in the Eyes of Youth”

Zihan Geng, “Hearing from the Silenced: An Investigation on Introverts’ Anxiety”

Walter Jackson, “Exploring the Intersection of Anxiety and Office Hours”

Nikita Johnson, “How Has Representation Improved in Magic: The Gathering?”

Jaisleen Kaur, “Crucial Role of Research in Biological Writing Genres”

Derick Lapurga, “The Impact of Over-Tourism on Hawaiian Ecosystems and Everyday Life”

Yichuan Peng, “Music and the Brain: Effect of Listening to Music on UC Davis Students When Studying for Exams”

Aliya Rehman, “Parental Involvement and its Influence of Students’ Career Choices”

Spring Salazar, “Self-Discipline and Motivation at the University of California Davis’ Bayanihan Student-Run Clinic”

Saad Shaheen, “The Landscape of ChatGPT Usage”

Addison U, “An Investigation into the Mobilization of Poor Health Literacy by Dietary Supplement Branding”

Yunduo Yang, “The Rise of Korean Pop Music”

Chloe Zheng, “The Impact of Streaming Media on UC Davis Students’ Study Habits”