Winter 2019

Literacy Narratives

Natasha Pawar, “the big red train”

Jacqueline Rajerison, “Creative Outlet”

Eugene Toh, “A Tale of Two Plays”

Academic Research Projects

Shayan Alavynejad, “Bilingual Speakers and Language: A Viable Marketing Strategy for Advertisers Worldwide”

Alison Newens, “The Importance of Hawaiian Creole English”

Cassandra Ramirez, “The Importance of Nurturing Bilingualism in Mexican Migrant Children”

Raza Sharif, “Desire and Obligation:¬†An in-depth view of musical literacy between musicians of passion Versus musicians of expectation”

Valerie Tu, “Hard Summer Music Festival (2018): Wiki Article”

Multimodal Compositions

Callyn Kallermeier, “Next in Line for Donuts!”

Adam Shishani, “An Old Sacramento Podcast Project”

Wendy Zheng, “My Adventure in Baking”