Winter 2018

Literacy Narratives and Literacy Histories

Jennifer Li, “Literacy History Project”

Mario Mayo, “Mario’s Draw My Life”

Blanca Peto, “Living Narrative: a Change in Perspective”

Chelsea Lee, “Living Picture Narrative: Journal Journey”

Literacy Resource Projects

Discourse Communities Projects

Sarah Weber, “How Participation in Music Translates Into Academic Success

Savanah Nelson, “Discourse… Making Life at the Shelter Less Ruff”

Aleasha Jhanjar, “Research on Punjabi American Students Discourse Community”

Patricia Duarte Perez, “Personal narratives as a form of communication in Chicano/a Studies”

Natalie Soto,  “Identity, Communication, and Values of the Native American Discourse Community”

Kareli Mendez, “Social Dancing: Social Interactions Within the Dancing Community”

Lorena Mendoza, “Runner’s Discourse”


Wikipedia Articles and Podcasts

Yao Fang, “A Chinese Karst Cave: Zhijindong Cave”

Laura Gomez, “Wikipedia Article : The Rives Mansion”

Sharani Ramesh, “A Trip Down Capitol Corridor”