Fall 2020

Literacy Narratives

Siddhant Iyer, A Reconnection

Haishan Huang, Silenced Tongue

Esteban Cuarenta Ponce, Ten Years Old

Discourse Community Projects

Gabriella Barcinas, Computer Science as a Discourse Community

Riley Siegel, 2020 Harvest Interns at Small Vines Wines as a Discourse Community

Amitahi Castro Jimenez, Nursing Discourse Community Project 

Ziqi Wang, Different Communication in Basketball Discourse Community

Annie Jiang, Doctor Office as a Discourse Community

Anna Irwin, To Be an Educator

Annie Tran, The Discourse Community of Biological Sciences

Marguerite Schlutius, Wildlife Centers as a Discourse Community

Academic Research Articles

Naina Narain, Communication Over Social Media: The Unlikely Platform for Healing from Social Anxiety

Petra Engstrom, Environmental Activism: Using Art as a Means of Action

Henry Yu, Mobilization Strategy Analysis of Party for Socialism and Liberation in Prison Abolition Movement

Shuyi Bian, Online Psychological Counseling: Is It Really Effective?

Suchita Anigol, Telemedicine: The Effect on Patient-Physician Communication 

Semra Khan, The United States’ Prison System