Winter 2017 Table of Contents

Literacy Narratives

Marcos Alcantar “My Piano Journey”

Nguyen Le “Yolo Decision”

Peter Lee “Fog, Sunlight, and Owls”

Hsin Ni Sydney Ho “Odd One Out”

Kooper Richardson “Rough Drafts: Myth or Reality”


Advice Articles

Kelly Facto “How To Do Well With Half The Effort: College Edition”

Natasha Ann Mariano “Advice to Multiple Audiences: Bunnies”

Mirna Reyna “How To Be Successful In College Writing Courses”

Veronica Scott “A Sloth’s Guide to College Writing”


Discourse Communities

Alexis Cristiano “A-Circuit Alexis”

Tessa Dickson “From People to Possums: The Wide Scope of the Rural Veterinary Discourse Community”

Vicki Ho “Extreme K-pop Fans”

Samantha Lyons “The Wildlife Ecology Community, How its Members Act, and What that Says About the Community”

Maggie Peña “Mexican Discourse Community”

Dillon Santoso “Determining the Success of Koinonia in Attracting University Students through the Use of Specific Genres”

Carly Smith “Wikipedia Article: Feminism in Music”

Aileen Wang “Podcast Project”