Spring 2020

Literacy Narratives

Jessica Gerson, “Finding My Fit”

Austin Nguyen, “The Importance of Cultural Literacy”

Academic Research Articles

Jessica Bueno, “From a Student to an Animal Scientist: Effective Tools for Reading and Writing”

Dalia Cadena, “Who Are You?”

Brittaney Chan, “Navigating the Nuances of ‘Good Writing’ at the College Level”

Jessica Gerson, “Veterinary Medicine as a Discourse Community”

Navleen Kaur, “Individual Writing Versus Group Writing”

Noah Rose Ledesma, “Lies and Language: Understanding how context can improve the automated early detection of fake news”

Alexander Luu, “Shifting Our Style of Writing Under Different Circumstances: Having Experience and Overcoming Obstacles Can Stimulate Academic Growth”

Danielle G. Yee Litt, “An Investigation of Writing in Biology”