Spring 2023

Literacy Narrative

Dana Davis, “Video Game Literacy Narrative” and “Author Reflections on Video Game Literacy Narrative”

Isabella Torres, “A Letter to Littler Isa”

Messages in Multiple Genres

Bohan Li, “Gamification of Chemical Safety” and “Reflection Letter”

Academic Research Articles

E.J. Bach, “Why So Bugged? : Effects of Childhood Influences on Insect Perception”

Joey Lieberman, “The Role of Nuclear Power in a Green Future”

Raghava Katura, “The Decisions We Can’t Control”

Riggie Lee, “Untitled”

Gianna Mitu, “Self Esteem, Instagram Addiction, and Academic Performance in UC Davis Undergraduates”

Sami Rihani, “Why Does the U.S. Not Produce Successful Soccer Athletes?”

Angelica Tang, “Positive Stress for Success”

Isabella Torres, “Comparison of Korean vs. Non-Korean K-Pop Discourse in the Hallyu Community”

Jeffrey Yeh, “Artificial Intelligence in Medicine: A Future of AI Doctors and Researchers?”