Winter 2020

Literacy Narratives

Cesar Vargas Aparicio, “Literacy Narrative

Laurenne Sanchez, “And All of a Sudden I’m Back in 2010”

Alice Matthew, “To Be a Real Malayee American”

Literacy Research Projects

Roland Del Mundo, “LGBTQIA+ Sex Education and Queer Pedagogy”

Lolita Ghadimian, “English as a Second Language:The Struggles and How it Has an Impact on Multilingual Students”

Eriberto Salgado, “Student Journaling: Its Potential in Achieving Academic Success”

Robert Vergara, “Slacktivism”

Kaitlin Koslowski, “Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a Scientific Literacy”

Sascha Recht, “Hebrew and the Unification of the Jewish People”

Jackson Schnelle, “Different Medical Writing Styles and the Ongoing Problem of Effective Communication within Various Audiences in the Field of Medicine”

Discourse Community Research Projects

Hannah Geudeker, “Citizen Science and Environmental Education”

Kristie Tjen, “Managerial Economics as a Discourse Community”

Sophia Pelletier, “Global Climate Change in Zine Culture”