Winter 2022

Literacy Narratives

Tyler Bathke, “The Journey of a Wordslinger

Dominic Chin, “Personal Literacy Narrative

Coby Hawkins, “Back in Time” podcast and transcript

Bianca Pahler, “The Imperfect Perfect Essay

Citlalli Reyes Montano, “Mother Tongue” graphic comic

Literacy Self-Studies

Zia Steele, “Literacy Self-Study Reflection” and “Literacy Self-Study Presentation

Kaylan Uclaray, “Multimodal Composition Reflection

Rhetorical Analyses

Emiy Avetisyan, “Rhetorical Analysis of ‘Impact of Language Preference and Health Literacy’

Emily Torres, “Rhetorical Analysis of ‘Interpreting the Images in a Picture Book’

Academic Research Articles

Dhruv Arora, “Student Behaviors and Practices to Improve UC Cybersecurity Readiness

Emily Avetisyan, “How Does Multilingualism Affect Health Literacy?

Kaixin Chu, “AVT–Modern Babble Tower: Merits and Challenges Explained

Hadil Djadri, “Name Mispronunciation in the UC Davis Community: The Experience and Its Explanations

Albena Goulisheva, “It Can Be a Woman’s World in Political Science Too

Jacob Yu, “Effects of Pandemic Technology on Undergraduate Students’ In-person Social Interactions

Discourse Community Project

Samantha Gutierrez, “Discourse Community Project

Tanveer Mahal, “The Pantry as a Discourse Community

Message in Multiple Genres Project

Rohan Karmarker, “Composing a Message in Multiple Genres

Sarah Kim, “Composing a Message in Multiple Genres