Fall 2022

Literacy Narratives

Aaron Chang, “Personal Literacy Narrative

Jonathan Villagomez, “Literacy Narrative Video

Angeline Vo, “Letter to Ba

Discourse Community Projects

Shukai Ke, “The New Method of Proposing Anarchism: The Discourse Community of Anarchists on the Internet

Arnav Rastogi, “An Analysis of an Online Sports Fan Community

Research Articles

Ismael Ali, “Effectiveness of General Education Requirements at High Level Institutions

Lourdes Ceja, “Note to Self: You Do Belong

Flynn Garcia, “Academic Research Paper

Kayla Lunde, “Determinants of Turnout in UC Davis Student Government Elections

Thalia Miracle, “Public Knowledge of Biotechnology in Addressing Problems in the Food and Agriculture System: A UC Davis Student Body Study

Luz Morales, “Examining the Challenges that Mexican American Student Face in the U.S. University System: How Are the Nature of the Challenges Influenced by the Student’s Gender?

Rees Sitchon, “Fast Fashion on College Campuses and Students’ Reasoning for Continued Consumption