Spring 2022


Lean Alvarez, “Procrastination: Why Do We Do It and How Do We Stop It?”

Aatiya Edwards, “Sugar, Spice, and Everything Concise

Sanjana Parikh, “How to Block Writer’s Block”

Teri Beasley, “Three Things Every Media Major Needs to Know”


Brandon Ng, “Misconceptions About Peer Feedback”


Charity Dumpit, “Say it Louder! Finding your Voice in Writing and Why it’s Important”

Madison Nickels, “How Do You Write? College Edition”

Academic Research Articles

Almas Khan, “Implementation of Recorded Lectures to Increase Accessibility and Educational Retention

Mandy Lin, “The Zoom Conundrum: Student Well-Being During the Pandemic

Tate Martinelli, “Snapchat to Face to Face Chat

Andrew Mendoza, “Web 3.0 in Higher Education

Alyssa Rowe, “The Experiences of Formerly Incarcerated Students in College”

Caspar Schulte, “Social Media Effects on Digital Reading Literacy

Jason Vo, “The Five Paragraph Format: Reliable or Restrictive?”

Literacy Narratives

Emily Rodriguez-Estrada, “Then Why Do You Go to School?”

Discourse Community Research Projects

Kincaid Johnson, “Discourse Community Project: Berkeley Path Wanderers Association

Ryan Lee, “Specialized Packaging in Tech: The Community of Product Engineers

Haocheng Li, “Discourse Community Project: The Pre-Pharmacy Club at UC Davis