Fall 2023

Literacy Narrative

Yifan Cui, “Chinese Poetry and English Essays

Academic Research Articles

Salma Ammache, “Environmental Psychology: A Minimally Explored Concept in Venturi’s Critique of Modernist Architecture

CJ Christensen, “Combating Hunger Strikes in Captive Snakes

Seon Ho Lee, “Increasing the Success of Veterinarians and Clients with the Power of Communication

Jaisleen Kaur, “Crucial Role of Research in Biological Writing Genres

Mileyna Soo, “The Skeletons that Hide in the Closet of Fast Fashion

Discourse Community Projects

Daniela Garcia, “Discourse Community Project: College Track

Amna Ikram, “MSA as a Discourse Community

Composing in Multiple Genres

Emmalee Miles, “Moving Checklist, Letter, and Infographic” and “Composing Genres Reflection Letter

Melissa Moreno Garcia, “Supporting Street Vendors Letter, Instagram Posts, and Protest Signs

Jose Ortega, “Dangers of Cigarette Smoking: Informative Article, Graphic Illustration, and Social Media Post” and “Composing Genres Reflection Letter