Winter 2020

Literacy Narratives

Cesar Vargas Aparicio, “Literacy Narrative

Laurenne Sanchez, “And All of a Sudden I’m Back in 2010”

Alice Matthew, “To Be a Real Malayee American”

Literacy Research Projects

Roland Del Mundo, “LGBTQIA+ Sex Education and Queer Pedagogy”

Lolita Ghadimian, “English as a Second Language:The Struggles and How it Has an Impact on Multilingual Students”

Eriberto Salgado, “Student Journaling: Its Potential in Achieving Academic Success”

Robert Vergara, “Slacktivism”

Kaitlin Koslowski, “Traditional Ecological Knowledge as a Scientific Literacy”

Sascha Recht, “Hebrew and the Unification of the Jewish People”

Discourse Community Research Projects

Hannah Geudeker, “Citizen Science and Environmental Education”

Kristie Tjen, “Managerial Economics as a Discourse Community”

Sophia Pelletier, “Global Climate Change in Zine Culture”