Fall 2016 Table of Contents

Literacy Narratives

Jasmine Ceballos, “Language is Music to My Ears”

Hubert Chen, “Literacy Narrative”

Luciana Diz, “The Life of a Horse Girl”

Amy Poon, “Living Among Her Image”

Maridula Sharma, “The Secret Treasure”

Isabella Wong, “The Peculiar Case of Chinese Cinderella” 

Advice for College Reading and Writing

Allie Autery, “Read Like You’ve Never Read Before: Boring Textbook

Matthew Gelsomino, “Reading a Graph Versus an Essay”

Eurie Kim, “How to Survive a Writing Assignment”

Jasmine Luna-Garcia, “Video about How to Make an Appointment with
                                       the UC Davis Writing Center”

Rozana Moe, “Tips on Writing Term Papers”

Giselle Sangolqui, “Don’t Reread, Annotate”

Constance Sun, “Revising/Editing Tips” 


Discourse Community Research Projects

Tristan Bannister, “How Communication Saves Lives”

Sarah Samdin, “Pediatric Discourse Community”

Donnell Toliver, “The Discourse Community of an Athletic Director”

Rachele Wurr, “The Effect of Internet on Communication in the Theatre


Academic Research Articles

Daniel Azenman, “The Making of a Successful Speech: A Research Study
                                Arguing the Importance of Body Stance”

Jose Meneses, “Innovation, Identity, and Community: Preparing High
                          School Students from Low Income Communities for
                          College Level Literacies”

Shiyu Tu, “Factors Most Effecting ESL Students’ Reading Comprehension”

Yuan Zhang, “The Effectiveness of Standardized Test Scores of Chinese     International Students on College Level Academic Writing in the United States”